Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The beginning of a journey

We are at the beginning of a trip that will send us to the lands of the Bramaputra, through India and Bangladesh. This is not the first time we go there, and this time the way we understand the world and especially the Indian subcontinent will be reflected by our works.

The written word and the registered image and sound, with photography and video, register what we are seeing in a moment, the way we understand it and, essentially, ourselves in a certain moment. The impressions that we print will be unvariable in time, as opposed to us, who will be changing in time and along our journeys.

And this is the purpose of our new journey, to get to know and give to know untold stories and places, people and circumstances that perhaps are not very interesting to the media. Indeed, what we don't know does not exist.

This is the evidence of a quest that can be followed by anyone at any time, learning with us about this world.

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