Friday, August 28, 2009


Travelling the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh is not an easy issue.
This State is situated in the Himalayan Hills. There are few cities and reaching any of them takes a long time. The most common means of transport are jeeps called “Sumo”. They are normal jeeps but they stuff at least 10 people in each of them, so during the journey you lose the sense of time, space and...of your body.
But the landscape over there is amazing, take a look!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Far away from the cities, in the middle of the pre Himalayan hills, connecting the villages can be quite complicated. The river Siang, coming from the Tibetan Plateu, forms a deep gorge which divides the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Crossing this river is almost impossible.
Far away from the “cement civilisation” men have learned from spiders how to get over this problem, weaving bridges with bamboo.
One of this is situated about 30 km north of the city of Pasighat. Going there by jeep from the city can take 3 hours but it's worth visiting this hanging 250 meters long roller coaster.
The structure is entirely made of bamboo, apart from some metal cable, which do not transmit reliance. The floor creaks and squeaks, the entire structures swings and balances under your steps.
Below, between the bamboo weaving of the floor, some 30 meters down, the rivers flows loudly, leaving you breathless.


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